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We decided to drive immediately and as quickly as possible across the country. After we got to California we would slowly make our way back towards PA with a mid November deadline. I’m trying to be back on the east coast to run my M3 with Track Daze on Virginia International Raceway and then it would be nice to have Thanksgiving with the family. After our previous blown air spring incident I had hoped that it would be smooth sailing.
We decided to save a bit on lodging along the way, and stay in a few Walmart’s overnight. We use a very helpful RV Parky app on our iPhones to see overnight friendly spots to stay along our route. We drove for a little over 300 miles today, and our day was very peaceful sans any surprises. We started driving around 10 in the morning, and experienced mostly empty roads. We pulled over at a rest area for lunch, and after eating delicious sandwiches and stretching our feet for a little bit, got on our way again.
A short drive from Des Moines, we stopped at a nice campground in Kellogg, Iowa. It is located right by the highway I-80. The park is very clean and has nice and level pull through sites. We were able to secure a site the furthest from the highway and it provided for a very peaceful stay. The cars driving by offered a faint white noise that we actually enjoy especially during sleep.
So as it turns out, not all problems are solvable quickly. The airbag we need for our Ridewell RIA-207 tag axle is the Goodyear 1R11-202. If you look on a popular site like SD Truck Springs it shows as being available and same day shipping. Well no. As it turns out all of these sites drop ship directly from Goodyear who happily informs them that this is a specially made built to order part that has a wonderful 3-4 week lead time.
It’s been cold all summer long.  All summer long I would have had an enjoyable time performing repairs on the bus.  But nooooo it has to break when it is 90F outside.  But I’ll get to that in a minute.  My festidious planning seems to be helping as of late.  First we were to attend my younger brother’s wedding on Sunday (just before labor day).  We then were supposed to go to my mother’s house on Monday.