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Was it Anonymous? Probably not but... We’re back! The site got hacked as part of a big Drupal vulnerability that took out many sites. In fact every single Drupal site I know of and work on has gotten hacked both personally and professionally. For the professional sites I cleaned the sites but for my personal sites I decided to take the unusual step of taking it down.
Power Powertech Generator I thought I’d detail our voltage regulator replacement on our generator. A lot of people have done this procedure wrong and their generators caught fire and burned up or worse. This is how it’s done on ours.
It’s done. At least for now. We are no longer nomads. We’re still full time rvers just stuck in one spot. My kid is enrolled in school so we’re going to be here 9 months out of the year which means owning a house/land becomes a sane proposition again. I plan to keep the motorhome and travel still for business, racing, and summer vacations. Whenever something comes to a close it’s fun to look back and assess what you’ve learned that might not be immediately obvious to a newcomer.
So any self respecting geek is going to want internet access. The average LTE plan is ridonculously fast anymore (I’ve seen 50Mbit down in rural areas) and feels like a home connection. That’s great but they are usually limited unless you are particularly crafty. As a result most people tend to try to use wifi. For many people this involves turning on your laptop, trying to connect and bitching that it doesn’t work.
Every now and then I have the rare treat of geeking out with some of my most technical readers. This is one of those times. LOL I’m kidding, nobody reads this. But anyway, if you don’t understand what I’m talking about here I would recommend hitting Google and figuring things out. Knowing this stuff can earn you lots of money as full time RVers. Everything IT can be done remotely and if you have a formidable IT skillset you are in demand…
Since my last post that is. We’re still alive and kicking and all of my intent to update this blog has been met with a combination of apathy and extreme busyness. I suppose I could summarize things pretty well though. In 2014 we travelled all the way to California and back. We broke down in Iowa, I had other issues there besides that and then we also had trouble with a woman in California.
When we set out to full time, one of the things I wanted to do but wasn’t sure I’d be able to do was to go off roading in our toad. It was an important part of my decision to select the Lexus GX470. The car we bought had aged out tires so we replaced them with Goodyear Wrangler mud/snow tires as well so we were really ready. But finding out how to do this is easier said than done.