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I try to never proclaim anything anymore, but I think the problems with the cameras are solved. Today we are underway to head to Yellowstone. Some thorough troubleshooting during this hot week in Hardin, MT has lead me to the conclusion that the problems we have been having are not in fact the cameras themselves but the $16 ebay DVR card I was using. Luckily our NAS box also had a DVR card in it that we used to use in our sticks and bricks home.
This is something that I've never seen before.  Apparently in Missouri most (all?) of their state routes are actually letters instead of numbers.  Either a single letter or a double letter but I didn't decode the meaning.  I'm not sure what the rationale is, I would think numbers would be easier especially since there might be illiterate people out there driving around.  I just thought it was strange.  [caption align=left caption="
If you had to break down where would you choose to break down?  Perhaps near an inexpensive well stocked city with cheap pull through sites.  Our rig broke down just after climbing a mountain in Lame Deer, MT.  Deep in the heart of what appeared to be Native American sovereign lands.  You had to drive 60-100 miles in any direction in order to get cell phone service. This all started many hours before the actual breakdown.
We slept at a rest stop and apparently lived to tell the tale.  No axe murderers and no sex criminals were detected (Big Bang Theory anyone?).  After a day of biting off a bit more than we could chew, we never made it to our destination.  Perhaps it was the epic argument that a careful observer might have witnessed on the live feed or problem with our toad but we burned off many hours on nothing and didn't get our driving done.