Cameras Better - Maybe

I try to never proclaim anything anymore, but I think the problems with the cameras are solved. Today we are underway to head to Yellowstone. Some thorough troubleshooting during this hot week in Hardin, MT has lead me to the conclusion that the problems we have been having are not in fact the cameras themselves but the $16 ebay DVR card I was using. Luckily our NAS box also had a DVR card in it that we used to use in our sticks and bricks home. I moved it over and found that the driver hasn’t been updated since the Linux kernel 2.6 days (kernel version is at 3.10 now). The DVR box has Fedora 19 on it and I took a kernel from Fedora 17 and I am freaking shocked that it works ;) Booted right up, no issues and now the TW68 driver compiles and runs without panicking. A nice side benefit is that the images are higher resolution and clearer because this is a better card. It seems like the simplest of things to provide a real time live feed from a moving vehicle but what a headache!